Whether you’re an aircraft owner or lender, protecting your sizable investment with a title insurance policy has always been the safe and affordable thing to do.

In recent months, AvSure, Inc. has emerged as the single source in the aircraft title insurance industry to underwrite and issue comprehensive, affordable policies for both owners and lenders alike, and it’s my pleasure to announce that Global Aviation Title Insurance Agency has been appointed as one of only two agencies for AvSure and that Frank Polk has been appointed as one of a handful of its authorized agents.

Based in Oklahoma and backed by professionals with more than 89 years of continuous insurance experience, AvSure is dedicated to one thing and one thing only — protecting your interests in aircraft. When evaluating the industry it is important to know that AvSure retains $50 million of reinsurance.

Both owner and lender policies are now available through Global Aviation Title Insurance Agency. If you have any questions or need additional information, please call (405) 552-2393 or contact:

Global Aviation Title Insurance Agency, LLC
Frank Polk, Authorized Agent and Manager

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